‘Scorpion’ finale spoilers: Is there hope for Toby and Happy?

For a little while on “Scorpion” this season, it felt fairly clear that Toby and Happy were going to rush far past Walter and Paige in the race to be the first couple to actually be together on the show. Unfortunately, these two hit something that is more than a little bit of a speed bump following Toby standing her on a date. Regardless of the reason behind it, it still happened, and Happy is still very much not thrilled about it.

So is there hope for the fortune to be reversed for these two moving forward? This is something that we’re going to have a chance to figure out further during the upcoming finale on Monday night. While there may not be a definitive answer on their future, executive producer Nick Wootton hints that there could at least be some progress to TVLine:

“Toby’s not the type to give up … It’s two people with very difficult, checkered emotional and romantic pasts trying to come together.”

Ultimately, there’s no hurry for any couple of this show to rush to be together. Just remember for a second here that “Scorpion” has already been renewed for a second season, and you have to think that even in spite of the Walter cliffhanger ironically at the end of the past episode entitled “Cliffhanger,” everyone will be back for more stories in the fall. The larger question is whether or not there will be any other, surprising changes that the team has to tackle and deal with moving ahead.

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