‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 10 review: Joan meets a man, Sally’s mistake with Glen

JoanThere was a lot of movement last week on “Mad Men” when it comes to Don Draper’s life: He has given Megan a million dollars as a divorce settlement (and her mother stole all his furniture) and Diane has broken things off with him. We are curious to see where Don goes now that all of the women in his life seemed to have moved on to other things and he is actually on his own with no one to turn to.

Joan is in Los Angeles for work when she meets a man named Richard that is handsome and suave and she agrees to have dinner with him, which turned into an over night. While she thought it was going to be a one night thing, when she got back to New York she was surprised to learn that Richard had flown into town to see her. We thought that maybe he would be her love interest to get her into the next step of her life, but when he finds out she has a 4 year old he dumps her saying he’s already raised his kids and doesn’t want to do it again. After thinking about what he said, he comes to Joan’s office with flowers and apologizes, saying that he wants to be a part of her life and her son’s life. He tells her he’s buying a place in New York and that he wants to try to make it work and she says ok.

We haven’t Sally or much of Betty this season so it was nice to get a peek into their lives. Sally’s going on a trip across the country with some schoolmates and Betty’s excited for her. We were happy to see Glen back in the picture, especially since he looks so different and it even threw Betty for a loop when she saw him. There was an interesting connection between Glen and Betty when they saw each other, an attraction. Glen shocks everyone when he announces that he’s shipping out next week after joining the army (after flunking out of school), especially Sally who takes the news especially hard, storming off. When she tries to call him later that night to apologize and say good bye, he’s out and with her leaving town the next day she’s afraid she won’t be able to fix the situation in case he goes to war and never comes back. The next day, Glen tries to make a move on Betty, but she turns him down – something we weren’t sure she was going to do earlier in the episode.

If you have been missing a good Pete hissy fit, you definitely got that tonight with the Peter Pan cookie debacle. We also saw Don sell his empty, wine stained, sad sack apartment. We loved seeing how perceptive Sally was when Don was showing interest in her 17 year old friend and Betty was doing the same with Glen – hearing her tell him that she doesn’t want to end up like him wasn’t shocking, but hearing Don tell her that she’s going to was surprising. Episode grade: C+

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