‘Poldark’ episode 6 preview: Ross, Francis argue over George

When Sunday night’s new episode of “Poldark” airs, we are not going to see Francis in a particularly wonderful place. He will still be livid over what happened with the mine, and bitter over the fact that his present situation now includes working in the fields.

So can you really blame him if he is a bit demanding of Ross in the sneak peek below, or quick to warn him over the dangers of colliding with George? It’s hard to really blame him. With that said, it is not easy to necessarily sympathize with Francis either, given that a certain amount of his current predicament is his own doing. Ross is far from a malicious man, but sometimes his ambition also lies before his ability to have decent social interactions. Suffice it to say, this preview is a fun one.

One other story that is fairly fascinating to us is something that you can read over at the Daily Mail or the Financial Times, provided that you are a contributor to the latter. Basically, it explains further how the BBC is considering emphasizing the internet more than they do. Ultimately, this could include making “Poldark” an internet-first series. We’re not saying that this is for certain the direction that they will go, but they are actively thinking of such things with the rise of Netflix and other competition. The BBC is at somewhat of a luxury here when it comes to their decision-making. Given that they are publicly-funded and do not have commercials, they are not so at the mercy of commercials as rival network ITV is.

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