TV Quick Hits: Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ reminder; Emily Blunt on ‘Lip Sync Battle’; Bob Schieffer retiring

Netflix -We’re back yet again today with some TV Quick Hits, and we don’t think we could have found three more random topics for discussion here if we tried.

Daredevil” set to launch on Netflix – Tomorrow is a huge day for everyone looking forward to finally seeing the latest adaptation of the character. Let’s just say this is not going to be much at all like the one played by Ben Affleck. There has been hype around Marvel’s entry into the streaming arena, and we are about to find out if all of it was really worth it. We have yet to see the show, so we cannot really say; all we know for certain is that in true Marvel fashion, almost everything has been kept under wraps. This show is the first in what is going to be a line of Netflix – Marvel collaborations that are all set in the same universe as the movies and “Agents of SHIELD.” Following this show will be “AKA Jessica Jones,” and after this one, a “Luke Cage” series will eventually premiere.

Emily Blunt on “Lip Sync Battle” – Earlier this week, we shared with you a surprising performance from Anne Hathaway on the Spike series, which airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Now, you can check out a performance featuring Emily Blunt rapping “No Diggity.” This is just about as ridiculous / fun as you would expect. Congrats to this show for continuing to get great celebrities! (It helps in this case that Blunt is married to executive producer John Krasinski.)

Bob Schieffer retiring – A warm send-off is needed today for the legendary “Face the Nation” host and CBS newsman, who is leaving his post at the age of 78. Per CBS News, he made the announcement at his alma mater of Texas Christian University.

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