Giuliana Rancic will return to ‘Fashion Police,’ despite earlier chatter

Fashion Police -So much for all of that will-she-or-won’t-she when it comes to if Giuliana Rancic is going to be a part of “Fashion Police” in the future. Based on what we are hearing at this very moment, we know for sure that she will be back. This is only news because a matter of days ago, she said “we’ll see” to the same question on “The Today Show.”

Today, Rancic spoke with “Extra” confirming that she will be around again on the panel, and that “once it comes back, it’s gonna be a show I’m proud to be on and that people are proud to watch.” She specifically added that one of the real focuses right now is finding the right format for the show more so than finding the right panelists. That will come when they have more of the format down. Maybe everyone realized that it is hard to have a show that is so similar to what we had when Joan Rivers was at the head of the panel.

Ultimately, we do just feel like the show should be heading off to pasture, and they should just come up with a different fashion-themed show. After all, isn’t this something that the network should try to reinvent? There’s so much controversy at this point about the original version of the show, and that was even before Joan’s passing.

If there is some other news related to this show soon, you better believe that we will have it for you then. Of course, we do think that it will be some time before some of that ultimately starts to come out.

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