‘Better Call Saul’ season 2: How Bob Odenkirk is approaching it

Better Call Saul season 1Tonight, “Better Call Saul” came to a close with an installment that to many out there, is probably going to be polarizing. We know quite a few people across the internet who really enjoyed it. We were not such a big fan, mostly because we felt like it spent a whole lot of time with Marco, a character we don’t really know too much about versus people that we do. It ended with Jimmy McGill deciding that he didn’t just want to be an ordinary lawyer; he wanted to be extraordinary, which is why he is going to mold the world of Slippin’ Jimmy into the world of being Saul Goodman in the future.

So how is Bob Odenkirk preparing for the road head? In the only way that he really can: Not having any sort of expectations for what is to come. There is only so much control that he has in the show, and he is willing to submit much of it in the writers to allow them to do whatever they happen to think is right for the character.

For more, just take a look at his new comments to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Don’t have any expectations story-wise. I think experiencing this show, playing the character of Jimmy McGill is a lot like life. You don’t know what’s gong to come up everyday. Every time you pick up a script, you really don’t know what new elements could creep into it and where it’s going to go and the way the characters’ choices are going to be reconsidered and changed and altered.”

(Photo: AMC.)

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