‘Madam Secretary’ episode 19 preview: All sides of Elizabeth in ‘Spartan Figures’

Madam Secretary -Sunday night’s new episode of “Madam Secretary” is once again going to prove that it is not always easy being Elizabeth McCord. Not only do you have to deal with the typical Washington politics, but there are also some family issues you have to take care of and big decisions to make, including whether or not to sell a home that has been a part of the family for quite some time.

We’ll get back to the latter story at the bottom of our sneak-peek preview for the episode, but we would advice you to fire take a gander at the first couple for a take on the political side of the equation.

1. Elizabeth, interrupted¬†– Clearly, Russell was not someone Tea Leoni’s character was hoping to see while trying to figure out her role in solving a Greek debt crisis. He has come in part to boast about getting to be the face of the operation on national TV, but also warn her at the same time to make sure that she has all her ducks in a row. After all, the media does like to sniff around! We feel like this sneak peek will be more important later on in the episode.


2. The true nature of summits РThis one is somewhat awkward, and seems to mostly exist for the purpose of reminding us that crazy things can happen on political summits when staffs of various world leaders start to mingle together. It makes sense, given that these are typically overworked people who get a chance to meet others with similar experiences.


3. Henry and Elizabeth’s debate¬†– It’s nice to see all of the snow for one, and nicer the back-and-forth the banter between these two as they figure out if they want to sell the house. Someone should tell them that the old home is wear the heart is. Also, it’s not like Elizabeth is going to be doing this job forever.


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