‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 2, episode 15 review: Bobbi learns the hard way about Skye

Agents -Tonight’s “Agents of SHIELD” episode created the sort of next-level comic-book action that most fans were probably hoping for the moment that they learned that Skye is Daisy Johnson, and one of the Inhumans to boot. With some help from Gordon, she is starting to understand her powers better, and how to actually channel them rather than just letting chaos reign supreme inside her head. What is good for Skye is good for the SHIELD we know and love, but hardly so great for the organization otherwise known as The Real SHIELD.

For more on that, just ask Bobbi Morse, who felt the pain of Skye firsthand at the end of the episode, when she managed to escape a last-second coup courtesy of her powers, and then Gordon popped in to save her. It was a totally cool moment, and it further established the link between these two.

While she was busy figuring out more and more about her powers, Coulson was simply figuring out how to get away period. May managed to convince him to take off just as the Real SHIELD and Gonzales were planning their attack. This story is far from over; all that Clark Gregg’s character accomplished here was figuring out how to not die at the hands of this organization.

Meanwhile, flashbacks took us back to the age of HYDRA’s rise to power, which is when some of the earliest talks occurred between Bobbi, Mack, and Gonzales. This proves further that “SHIELD” went all-out with their budget in this episode, even though we didn’t really need most of the action scenes. Not that we minded them.

For the most part, the action and the cliffhanger elements of this episode made this the strongest one we’ve seen in season 2B so far. We’ve seen more of what Skye can do, and also more of what is at stake. Grade: B+.

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