‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 16, episode 18 preview: Justice for Jane

Law & Order: SVU logoIn some ways, Wednesday night’s new episode of “Law & Order: SVU” could feel almost like a culmination for a variety of different stories that you have seen over the season. For example, this is not the first time that Hudson University has been mentioned, and nor will it likely be the last. The thing that we have learned about this school is that they will at times seek justice for what happens on their campus, but may only do so on their terms, or when it can be adequately swept under the rug.

Not only will Benson and the SVU team be forced to deal with these politics, but also those of a TV show and a host (Rob Morrow) who have an agenda of their own.

In the first sneak peek below, you get a sense of what their agenda is, and that includes preserving the anonymity of the mystery woman, Jane, at the center of their story about a college student who was gang-raped in horrific fashion. All Rollins and Carisi want to do is assist, but in the process they are finding that they are being roadblocked and diverting back to the original source to figure out if they can get a real name.

The second sneak peek does give away that Jane is eventually found, and her story may be even more terrible than what you imagined. We’re not going to tell you that this sneak peek is going to get you any closer to seeing justice served; it’s not. It mostly serves as a means of telling you exactly what happened to her. Viewer discretion is advised for this one, since it is incredibly difficult to watch.

(Photo: NBC.)

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