‘Madam Secretary’ episode 18 preview: Elizabeth, Henry, and many questions

Madam Secretary -Sunday night’s new “Madam Secretary” episode is all over the map, or at least the sneak peeks that were released by CBS are a bit of a quagmire. They are somewhat informative, but since they don’t connect with one another in any real way, we are still left with a disjointed look at what is most likely going to be a more coherent episode (or at least that’s what we are hoping for).

1. Mike B lays down the law – Where does Ted from “Mad Men” get off being so mean? Obviously, Kevin Rahm has a different role here, but we’re still not sure what to the make of this character. It’s cool to see a different side to Rahm since we are used to him being a man with a fairly heavy conscious from his role on “Mad Men”, but we’re trying to find the motivation here behind him being so harsh just for the sake of being so. Sure, the guy may have crossed a line or two, but if you want to replace him, why not just do so and be done with it? Why continue to ream the guy out? Maybe we’re not the best judge of knowing how Washington-types think or react to situations, but we think there has to be a better way to deal with things.


2. An awkward meeting – Stevie is dating a new guy. The twist? He’s 39 years old, and has way more life experiences than she can fully comprehend. We actually like how this is presented; there is no cheesy sitcom presentation, and he takes a minute to recognize the elephant in the room while talking to Henry and Elizabeth. Explains his history, and how he went from a bigwig and a money-maker to someone who found a different calling following the Occupy Wall Street movement.

He’s an interesting character. Should he be trusted? That’s to be determined, but for now we are wary of him.


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