Episode of the Week (March 22-28): ‘The Blacklist,’ ‘Hart of Dixie,’ ‘Better Call Saul’ among nominees

The Blacklist logo any seasonToday, we’re kicking off what we personally hope to be a recurring article here on CarterMatt, especially since it was something that was really a whole lot of fun to sit down and think about: The top Episode of the Week.

You see, at one point we did a series of articles here where we picked just one, and the problem was that it wasn’t always fair. Comedies and dramas are so different, and it was only our opinion versus millions and millions on the internet. So, we’re bringing the feature back, and doing something a little bit different with it. This time, we’re nominating five shows we found particularly excellent in the past week and leaving it up to you to pick the winner. We’ll announce the winner every week with the start of the next article. Voting is once per device, but there are some clever workarounds if you are especially invested in giving your favorite show a helping hand.

Without further ado (writing out a drum roll here), let’s get to the nominated shows for this very first go-around.

“Better Call Saul,” “PICO” (AMC) – Jimmy McGill did not climb up any billboards. Meanwhile, Mike did not shoot anyone. Maybe it was the subtlety and the brains behind this operation that made this episode stand out the way it did, but watching Jimmy take his “elder law” business to the next level was delightful.

“The Blacklist,” “The Longevity Initiative” (NBC) – In case you’ve missed the show since its move to Thursday night, it’s gotten so much better since Tom Keen’s return. He served as the focus for one of the week’s big cliffhangers: What’s going to do now that he’s come to her for help? There’s such a crazy chemistry between these two, but at the same time they have been wildly toxic for one another. It’s pulling us in so many directions that we can’t stop thinking about it!

“Community,” “Basic Crisis Room Decorum” (Yahoo Screen) – You gave a degree to a dog. Well technically, they almost gave a degree to a dog. There’s a difference, and somehow this is supposed to stop an attack ad on Greendale Community College by rival City College. So absurd, and so, so funny.

“Hart of Dixie,” “Bluebell” (The CW) – Given that this is probably the last time the show can ever be nominated for this, it felt appropriate. It’s also no consolation prize; in between the wedding(s), the baby, and the musical number at the end, what more could this show have done? Our hearts have always been in Dixie with Zoe, Wade and the whole crazy town.

“Justified,” “Trust” (FX) – Even the title for this episode was appropriate, given that you dealt with a story that left Ava firing a bullet into her once upon a time fiance Boyd Crowder.  Eventually she decided that rather than being perpetually pulled between two different forces, she decided that she was going to be a force of her own and she’s got ten million bucks to do it with!

Photo: NBC

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