‘Blacklist’ season 2, episode 18 review: Liz and Tom kiss, Reddington in danger

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe haven’t made it much of a secret here at CarterMatt that we love “The Blacklist”. More specifically we are loving the demented relationship between Liz and Tom. First we had Tom marry her under the orders of his employer to get close to her and get information… just awful. Then we had Liz lock Tom up on a boat as a prisoner for months, chained to the floor… also not that nice. Now we have Tom saving Liz from jail, having his job burned by Reddington and is now at Liz’s place asking for her help since he’s pretty much alone at this point. Is she going to help him or tell him to get out?

Tom begs Liz to give him the fake passports he used to hide in their house telling her that his handler and the German crew wants him dead and this is his only way out, but as she is throwing him out (with no help from her), Reddington shows up and throws Tom out himself. We thought for a moment that she might give him the passports just to give herself peace of mind that Tom would leave her for good, but she surprised us. Reddington gives her the best father/daughter speech ever about getting involved with bad men!

Reddington is still acting like he has the Fulcrum and is even setting up meetings. When Liz calls for a favor, he tells her that he will help her if she gives him the Fulcrum saying that it is now a matter of life and death that he has it. When Reddington shuts her out after she says no… she calls Tom! She offers up the passports if he helps her and he of course jumps on it, but he doesn’t only want the passports, he also wants to try to gain Liz’s trust over Reddington’s. He tells her that he’s planning on buying a boat and to live on the open waters and when she tells him that he doesn’t even know how to swim we can see that she still cares for him as hard as she’s trying not to.

After completing the job, Liz gives Tom the passports, but before he leaves, she tells him that he was her greatest failure as a profiler, but Tom says that she is his greatest success because she gave him moments of a real life… something he knows he can never have. She kisses him and while it looks like Tom wants more of a life with her, the kiss is a good bye for Liz. Before he leaves for good he decides to tell Liz the truth about everything, starting with the fact that Reddington was the person to hire Tom to enter her life. Liz meets up with Reddington, throws the Fulcrum at him and tells him to never contact her again, but as she is leaving someone shoots Reddington.

That kiss between Liz and Tom was magic for everyone still shipping these two, but are we going to ever see Tom again? Now he has his passports, is going to buy a boat and sail away. This might be the end of the line for these two after she gets the truth from Tom. Episode grade: A-

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