‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 6 review: When is throwing a challenge too obvious?

Mike -Let’s start this “Survivor: Worlds Apart” review with an opinion: Throwing challenges can be a smart move at times. However, if you are going to do it, you need to ensure two things: That your alliance is strong and secure, and that you don’t make it too obvious that you’re throwing it.

As much as we like Mike, his challenge-throwing was so painfully transparent, you could see right through it from miles away. The idea here was to get rid of Joe, which is a smart move when it comes to numbers. He’s going to go back with Jenn and Hali, so why keep that guy around? He’s also a physical and social threat after the game. If you’re throwing the challenge to get rid of him, he firmly endorse the move.

Unfortunately, things became so much murkier after Blue Collar threw that challenge. All of a sudden, Mike and Dan started to get really nervous about Rodney and Joaquin started to become bros out there. Almost immediately, there was a sense of nervousness among everyone. Joe was the target, but Rodney and Joaquin also had votes pointing towards him. Joaquin eventually ended up becoming more of a target, and the decision here became simple: Who is Sierra going to side with? This was a heck of a messy vote, and it led to Rodney’s right-hand man going home. Dan, Sierra, Mike, and Joe were all the votes cast to get rid of him; meanwhile, Tyler, Joaquin, and Rodney all voted Joe to leave.

In the end, this move ends up being somewhat terrible for Blue Collar, given that you threw a challenge to get rid of someone you didn’t need to get rid of right now. Meanwhile, Joe’s about to gain allies, and Kelly (Mike’s ally) was not going to be eliminated on Nagarote in the first place. All of this was compelling to think about, even if not all of it played out as super-entertaining television.

As for the reward challenge, that was actually one of the more moving ones we’ve seen all season. Turtles! Grade: B+.

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