‘The Flash’ episode 16 review: Is Captain Cold on ice?

Flash -Let’s be honest: Was there any real way for “The Flash” to really capture the greatness of last week’s “Out of Time” all over again? It was almost impossible. While “Rogue Time” was not anywhere near that episode in terms of surprises and stirring moments, we did still find it enjoyable for the most part.

For us, the most substantial takeaway here is most likely the notion that breaking the timeline can eventually lead to rather drastic consequences down the road. Because of Barry dispatching the Weather Wizard almost immediately, he was then able to spend his time trying to woo over Iris, even though she was no longer in a way where she was willing to accept his feelings. In turn, Eddie punched him in the face, and Caitlin had to cover for him by claiming that he is suffering from some symptoms still impacting him after the lightning strike. Could the show have done slightly more in order to showcase the real impact of Barry going back? Sure, but the Cisco story was cleverly woven in here, given that Barry never realized that in the previous timeline, Cisco would end up dead.

In a rather bizarre way, Cisco being kidnapped in this timeline by Captain Cold and Heat Wave ended up saving his life, even though they did almost kill both him and his brother, the proclaimed “favorite” of the family. They were joined by Leonard Snart’s sister Lisa, who apparently decided that she wanted a gun that could fire out gold. Was this really the best that they could do? As much as we love Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and Peyton List, this was a little too corny for our taste. If she could do this, why even rob banks or trucks anymore? Just get her to turn a table into gold and then just sell it on eBay. We would’ve preferred her to be an actual metahuman with powers somewhat more similar to the Golden Glider in the comics.

To be honest, we did not really understand the entire Captain Cold story at all in here, given that Barry actually was able to reason with him to find a different way to go about his business all of a sudden. This felt very shoehorned in, mostly for the purpose of setting the stage for the big spin-off show where Cold and Heat Wave are a little more redeemable. There’s no word on if List is going to appear in that show at all.

The night’s big shocker at the end was the reveal that Barry had pieced together the truth about Harrison Wells, at least in that he may have murdered Simon Stagg and in turn the reporter. We don’t know how Wells thought there would not be suspicion here. Maybe he did, and simply realized that it is time to propel this battle forward to the next stage. We feel like this part could have happened regardless of the time shift, but we’re stoked to see what comes with it regardless.

So while there were good moments in this hour (Caitlin helping out Barry, Cisco’s lack of dating skills, Wells reenacting the “you are like a son to me” speech), the weaker Captain Cold story coupled with how quickly the Weather Wizard was dispatched took some of the real zing out of this episode. Let’s just hope that there are even more severe consequences for Barry next time, mostly to ensure that time travel does not become his crutch. Grade: B-.

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