‘iZombie’ season 1, episode 3 review: Major moves on, can Liv?

After eating the brains of a painter on the last episode of “iZombie” Liv found that she could not control her emotions and headed over to Major’s house to see if things could pick up where they left off. Unfortunately for her, Major was not receptive to her romantic advances and threw her out. Can we blame him really? Since becoming a zombie, she broke up their engagement, broke his heart and pretty much cut him out of her life. That’s gotta hurt a guy!

Liv opens up to Ravi about what happened with Major and that she’s texted him to apologize, but Ravi says that she owes him more then a text – that it’s worth a little bit more of a face to face apology after dumping him, not speaking to him much for 6 months and then randomly trying to jump his bones.

Later when she sees a video on Facebook showing Major locking lips with another woman, she doesn’t feel what she thinks she should (jealousy, rage, both?) and it is an effect of this weeks brain that Liv ingested. She’s eaten the brain of a killer and has found herself cold and not caring about much, including Major moving on with someone else. Once the brains wear off, the pain washes over her and she realizes she’s hurting more then she realized.

When Ravi finds a picture posted online by someone that thinks they saw a zombie, they decide that they are going to check it out. When they get to the docks where the zombie attack happened (and where they picture was taken from), they find Marcy, well a zombified version of her anyway and Liv knows her. Marcy is the woman that invited her to the party and was her rival at the hospital. Ravi decides to feed her to see if they can bring her back from her crazy zombie state. After a few days they check out Marcy’s condition and it’s not great… she’s still in a bad way. After Ravi falls into the room with Marcy, Liv jumps down and ends Marcy.

We were really excited about the idea of Marcy coming back into the fold – rival zombies!!!! Of course that looks like it’s not going to happen now that Liv killed her. There wasn’t a lot that really moved the main story, but this was still a really fun episode. Episode grade: C+

What did you think of this episode of ‘iZombie” and do you think they should’ve brought Marcy back? We will be covering the show all season so be sure to check in with us for more coverage of the show.

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