‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5 finale review: Who is Charles Lang, and did big ‘A’ reveal happen?

More scoop -Over the past week, “Pretty Little Liars” has hyped to the best of their ability that the season 5 finale was going to have a whole truckload of answers … and maybe we had some. Still, we are not entirely sure that it will be enough for the majority of people.

So who is Charles Lang? Let’s start things off here by asking that question, since this was a name that was brought up on more than one occasion during this episode. If you had heard this name before, it is because he does have a position in the backstory of this show … it’s just a pretty lengthy one that makes you remember a few seasons back. Go back to “Breaking the Code” back in season 2, where Charles was an employee at a law firm. His name was mentioned, but that was all we really had in terms of a mention there. What is perhaps more important now is the news that he is the twin brother seemingly of Jason DiLaurentis! See, the twin theory is alive and well!

We seem to be one of the only people who actually are mentioning Charles Lang the full name, so maybe we have the last name wrong and we need to re-watch. Regardless, the most important thing here seems to be that Charles is the neglected sibling who wants revenge … for now. We need to go back and watch other episodes to look to further connections.

Elsewhere this week, we did finally also learn that Mona was alive, and she was also trapped with the Liars in the dollhouse. This is an interesting little twist in the action, and for all of those who love Janel Parrish, it means you get to keep her on the show. Also, the police are seemingly on the side of the Liars again! It certainly took them long enough.

We actually like that big “A,” at least for now, is not some well-known or established character, mostly because trying to sell that would be hard. This is a more interesting emotional connection that helps to explain why he would want to torment others. Grade: B+.

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