‘Glee’ series finale review: Rachel’s husband, Will’s new job, Finn’s memory, and more

The wait begins -For all who loved “Glee,” it’s hard to imagine you not shedding at least a few tears during Friday night’s big series finale. Given this show, how did you not get a little emotional seeing everyone come back at the end? There was so much great stuff crammed in here, and almost all of it brought back wonderful memories.

The first half, entitled “2009,” was really great in how the managed to show us the first meetings of some of the students at McKinley, and also navigate well around the fact that Cory Monteith is sadly no longer with us. They brought us many fun little moments, and it was easy to love almost all of them.

Another fun thing here was really how the focus was almost entirely on the group of people (even including Finn, in a way) who were there singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” at the end of the pilot. Rachel married Jesse St. James of all people (a little shocking), Mercedes ended up touring with Beyonce, and Kurt ended up being with Blaine in New York City, having a happy life and really getting along so much better than they did there the last time. Also, Rachel was their surrogate mother!

As for Artie, he ended up back with Tina and at a film festival with his movie. Sue (of course) became Vice-President of the United States under Jeb Bush, and McKinley High became a performing-arts school, where Will was the principal. It was easy to have the warm fuzzies throughout here, especially at the very end where everyone came back together. “Glee,” you did a great thing tonight; you may not have been eprfect over the years, but you at least ended right. Grade: A-.

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