‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2, episode 5 review: Can Dr. Whale bring people back from the dead?

Last time on “Once Upon A Time” we didn’t see much when it comes to Emma and Snow White back in the enchanted forest, but we did meet Captain Hook and learned his dark and twisted connection with Rumpelstiltskin.

Snow and Emma: After burning their only ride back to Storybrooke they return to their camp to find it burnt to the ground and everyone dead… everyone except Captain Hook who has been planted there. They quickly figured out that he is Hook and he reveals that Cora has some of the magic from the burnt tree. He says that he will help them get back to their land if they take him with them, all they need is a magic compass. After explaining that he wants to go there to get revenge on Rumpelstiltskin for taking his hand, they agree to work with him. He brings them to a giant bean stalk that they have to climb to get to the compass.

Regina: She has gone two whole days without using magic as a way to show Henry that she is changing, but it’s been difficult for her, especially since we’ve learned that she learned magic from Rumpelstiltskin in the first place so that she could bring Daniel back from the dead. She goes to her crypt to see Daniel (she has preserved his body with a preservation spell over the years), but his body is gone and she is starting to hallucinate seeing him around town.

Dr. Whale: Have you been wondering who he was back in the enchanted forest? Turns out he’s Dr. Frankenstein and Regina had asked for his help many years ago to bring Daniel back from the dead. Back in Storybrooke – Dr. Whale has stolen Daniel’s body along with one of her hearts and has brought him back to life… but he is a monster. He runs a muck until Regina finds him and settles him down, but it’s only temporary. He’s in horrific pain and he begs her to let him go – and she does. Dr. Whale had hoped if he helped Regina that she would return him to his land, but she doesn’t.

It was interesting to see someone like Dr. Frankenstein infused into this world since he is not really part of the fairy-tale world. We weren’t sure how he was going to work with this cast of characters, but he fit in perfectly and was a great addition to this story. Episode grade: B

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