‘Better Call Saul’ episode 7 review: Jimmy McGill’s hopes, dreams, and the Kettlemans’ money

Better Call Saul season 1After an episode of “Better Call Saul” last week that really focused for the majority of the time on Mike, we saw the AMC series go in a slightly different direction for Monday night’s new episode. After all, Jimmy McGill had managed to slither his way back into the spotlight for what was a heck of an intricate episode. Granted, we’re not going to sit here and say that it was as sensational as “Five-0” was, but it did further establish what is the endgame of this particular season: The Kettleman clan, and establishing the Mike – Saul relationship on a great level.

What we basically saw tonight was Jimmy figuring out a way to force the Kettlemans to work with Kim Wexler, and it involved using Mike to find the family’s secret stash of money, and then convincing them to take the plea deal. It was in their best interest, but also his strangely to do this. He no longer has to worry about the bribe problem, and that is a significant plus for him. However, at the same time, in doing this he lost his own dream of getting that massive office that would keep him from his own personal hellhole.

In a bizarre way, Jimmy is a good person who cares about those close to him. He didn’t want to see Kim destroyed because of the fact that she was working with terrible people who refused to acknowledge guilt.

Elsewhere in this episode, we had a chance to see Chuck actually make some progress! It was a small scene, but learning that he actually is trying to improve for himself and his brother was a touching move. It was a nice way to also tie together the episode. Grade: B+.

Were you as enthralled by watching Mike in action finding the money as we were? Share right now with a comment. (Photo: AMC.)

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