‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ rankings: Kelly Remington, Sierra Dawn Thomas still top Blue Collar tribe

Kelly -The Blue Collar tribe on “Survivor: Worlds Apart” may be very well one tribal council from going Full Tandang, the tribe that stayed together until the merge on “Survivor: Philippines” and then crumbled. Think about it. Even if they make it past the next tribal council without going, the swap will be after that. This could alter the entire course of the game.

So with this edition of our rankings, we’re doing our best to figure out the following: Who on this tribe is actually equipped to not be a complete disaster zone? We’ve got a guy who eats scorpions and yells at everyone, another guy desperate to get confrontational about everything, and another guy who has called someone “stupid” and insulted someone else’s mother. In other words, when you think about strategy and edit (two of the most important parts of our ranking criteria), the women have it made in the shade here.

6. Mike Holloway – This man has somehow managed to completely go from being an asset to a liability just by running his mouth. Nobody likes to be ordered around, and he does it almost non-stop. We actually sympathize with him more than most other people in the tribe, but we’re not going to be at tribal council!

5. Dan Foley – Note to Dan: Insulting another player’s mother is never a good idea. He is the token “guy who really wants to be cool but doesn’t quite get it.” We’d actually love it if he turns out to be some sort of “Survivor” assassin, but right now he’s playing too much of the guy who is just happy to be there.

4. Rodney Lavoie Jr. – Yes, the men on the tribe really are this awful. Rodney seems to have an okay alliance with the women right now, but the previews for Wednesday suggest that could be changing. We’ll give him this spot based mostly on what he’s done so far, but he is so emotional!

3. Lindsey Cascaddan – Another note, this time to Lindsey: Don’t insult someone’s religion in a game for a million bucks. It’s petty and shortsighted, even if you don’t believe in anything yourself. She’s not a good player, but she’s helped by being on a tribe full of terrible players.

2. Sierra Dawn Thomas – We still have no clue if Sierra is actually good at “Survivor” or not. Right now, she gets bonus points for just not being a crazy person. That obviously gets you somewhere, since there is no reason anyone has to get rid of her at this point.

1. Kelly Remington – We ranked Sierra #1 on this past episode, but after seeing Kelly’s secret scenes and also observing her behavior around camp, we’re starting to think that she is really sharp. She’s taking mental notes on what everyone is doing, and depositing that information rather than getting involved. All of this could help her down the line.

Do you think the women are infinitely better than the men on this tribe, save for maybe Lindsey? Vote for your pick in the comments, and take a look at our rankings of the White Collar tribe! Also, sign up now to score some other news on everything we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: CBS.)


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