‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 15 review: Rick’s epic meltdown, more “w” walkers

Rick -Now that the good times are officially over for our group on “The Walking Dead”, it will be interesting to see if they are able to keep some sort of semblance of a normal life, while still being alert for the dangers of this world. Surely losing Noah last week has woken up the people of Alexandria.

With Aiden’s death, Deanna gets two different stories from Glenn and Nicholas over how Aiden died, so it’s going to take her a while to really know who is telling the truth. It probably doesn’t help that Father Gabriel filled her head with mistrust about Rick’s group.

Sam has divulged lot more information to Carol about what Pete is doing to him and Jessie behind closed doors and it seems that the abuse is fairly substantial. This situation hits close to home for Carol since she has gone through a similar situation in her past with Ed, but Rick isn’t sure what he wants to do about the situation with Pete. Is he going to kill him? No – instead he goes to Deanna about the problem and she says they all know about it, but because he is the surgeon there’s nothing they can really do. Rick suggests that they separate him from Jessie and threaten him with death, but she says no, that they will exile him if they have to over death since they don’t kill people. Rick says that is extremely dangerous as he could then come back and destroy Alexandria, but she’s not budging.

Rick decides to talk to Jessie to see if he can help, but she doesn’t want his help. After pushing her and promising to protect her, she says yes to his help, but things get ugly when Pete comes home and she tells him that she’s leaving him. The fight between Rick and Pete becomes violent and spills out on to the street in front of everyone in the town. People try to break up the fight, but only Deanna is the only one able to get his attention and the fight stops. Rick tells everyone that Deanna’s way is going to end up with her entire town dead, but his speech is cut short when Michonne knocks him out to regain control of the situation.

Noah’s death has shaken up Rick’s group: Michonne has had a horrible sleepless night and Sasha has gone rogue. We are really worried about Sasha making it to the end of the season – she really can’t handle much more of this. On the positive side we also have a possible Carl romance brewing… ah young love. Also there has been quite a few more walkers roaming around with a “w” carved into their foreheads. They have done a great job at peaking our curiosity. Episode grade: B-

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