‘King of the Nerds’ season 3 finale podcast: On Jonathan’s win, season 4 expectations with Jessa

Kind of the Nerds -

“Now, the end is here, and so we’ve reached the final curtain.” Okay, so we’ll stop quoting Sinatra now, but we are here with the last “King of the Nerds” podcast of the season. Hopefully, it’s not the final podcast that we ever do on the subject of the show, but the ball is in TBS’ court when it comes to that one.

There are quite a few subjects to get through during this chat between Matt Carter and Jessa, and we start with the subject of course that is Jonathan’s victory. How did it happen? We analyze some of the things that he did right, both strategically and in terms of some of the challenges. We also discuss Ben’s second-place finish, and how a certain question about the makeup of the sun is still driving us a little bit batty.

We also spend some time looking back at the season as a whole, which was a pretty fun affair (though we probably preferred season 2 a little more as a whole). There is a difference sometimes between great strategy and great television, and one of the difficult parts of this season is that a big alliance dominated most of it and made a good percentage of the finish order predictable. Sure, Kaitlin did make it all the way to the finale, but it was mostly the Secret Six show.

Finally, we go through some changes that the show really should consider if they want to continue building the brand. For one, we talk about finding a way, whether it be via a new team structure or an immunity challenge-like function, so that a Secret Six alliance cannot be formed and run the table the same way moving forward. Also, we talk about how the challenges can be improved, and what are some of the determining factors for a season 4 renewal.

It’s be a fun season, and we’re thrilled you went along for the ride. We’re hoping to have some exit interview questions for the finalists out by end of day, so hopefully those will come back during the week.

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