‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ rankings: Tyler Fredrickson, Carolyn Rivera still top White Collar tribe

Survivor -The White Collar tribe on “Survivor” is somewhat of a mystery, given that thanks to the edit at this point, it is pretty darn hard to figure out where anyone actually stands. Instead, we have multiple alliances, underdogs, and immunity idol talk running amok. While we feel like there are a pair of consistent favorites, there is some room in here for things to change a little bit from week to week.

If you missed our last edition of the rankings for this tribe, here’s the simple criteria: Strategy, edit, challenge ability, and threat level are the most important factors. We don’t have any spoilers, so don’t be worried about any of that. If we’re right, that mostly just means that we are lucky.

5. Joaquin Souberbielle – First, we’re finally starting to get the spelling of his last name down! Now that we’ve said that, we feel like this is a guy who is in an interesting spot. If this tribe wins one more challenge and he makes it to a swap, he could suddenly get into a position of power. He’s helped his stock the past two weeks, but is somewhat still on the outside.

4. Shirin Oskooi – The only change this week for us is swapping her and Max’s positions, mostly because she seems to be annoying many people in her tribe with her talk of monkeys doing you-know what and her trying to call a truce on the idol search. Annoying your tribe this early is never a great move, especially when people also know that you are knowledgeable about the game.

3. Max Dawson – We don’t feel like Max is playing the best game ever, but he is benefiting somewhat from other people making mistakes. Joaquin may still be recovering from the first day in camp, while Shirin seems to be doing more to rub some of the other people on her tribe the wrong way.

2. Carolyn Rivera – She has a history with clashing with other players, and while So is gone, that still hurts her. What helps her is that she’s reasonably close to Shirin and Tyler, and she has that immunity idol. She’s at more risk the next few weeks than Tyler, but she probably has higher odds of making it to the final three.

1. Tyler Fredrickson – Tyler, at the moment based on the information we have, is playing the best game out of anyone in Nicaragua. He knew that Carolyn has the immunity idol, but he’s kept that secret while still establishing bonds with Joaquin. He doesn’t love Shirin, but the reality here is that he’s a physical asset at the moment, and he’s not doing anything overt to give anyone a reason to ditch him. That’s as important as anything at this point.

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