‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 16 review: Is Tom Keen in love with Liz?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThis week is a very special episode of “The Blacklist” because the person everyone is tracking on Reddington’s list this week is Tom Keen! We have never kept our love for Tom Keen a secret here at CarterMatt, so an episode all about Tom is just what we’ve been waiting for.

As we’ve seen over the past few episodes, Tom is in Germany working on another mission involving the arms trade. The reason that Reddingon is looking for Tom is because Liz is in crazy amounts of trouble and Tom is the only one that can clear her of the murder of the harbor master. Ressler and Reddington find Tom and tell him what’s happening, but he refuses to go back with them to help Liz, saying that she is on her own – that he won’t go down for her, and Reddington blowing his cover in Germany doesn’t change anything, but Reddington is convinced that Tom will do the right thing.

Cooper is incredibly disappointed in Liz for the position she put him in and he’s even more disappointed in himself for committing perjury for her. In the middle of Cooper telling her off, he has a seizure. At the hospital Liz learns about Cooper’s cancer and how serious his condition is. After testing, it appears that Cooper’s treatments are actually helping his condition, but the heavy treatments can cause seizures.

The bullet from Liz’s gun has been found and given to the judge – he is now debating whether or not she will be charged with perjury or murder at this point, but she refuses to give him any other information. When the judge is ready to make his ruling about Liz – Tom Keen appears!!! He did the right thing and confesses to the murder of the harbor master. Why did he do it? Was it love? guilty conscious? – Turns out he’s in love with her, or at least that’s what the judge thinks.

After Tom’s confession and a push from the Attorney General’s office, Liz gets off on all charges. As for Tom… it seems that the Attorney General’s office has let him go. They make the whole issue disappear, saying that the task force is national security and that the judge never should’ve reviewed the case in the first place.

We have always loved Tom and Liz together and while we know that they will never be together (how could they after all of the betrayal), seeing Tom come to Liz’s rescue was inspired. It was even more convincing that he really does care for her when he called her at the end of the episode, just to make sure that she’s okay. Episode grade: A

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