‘Criminal Minds’ season 10 episode 18 review: Is Spencer getting a new love interest?

Criminal Minds -Last time on “Criminal Minds” we learned that Kate is pregnant and that Meg is acting out. She is a thirteen year old, but how much of her acting out is because she’s a teen-aged girl or because of Kate’s pregnancy and she’s missing her own parents who died in 9/11?

So we were of course hoping for more on some of our main character’s stories this week, but instead the episode was fairly focused on the case of the week. It involved a congressman, his wife getting kidnapped and a battle with the media to try to keep it quiet while they looked for the missing wife. Usually when a spouse goes missing it’s the husband or wife that is behind it, but “Criminal Minds” is a smarter show then that…. or are they?

There is a he said/she said fight going on between the congressman and an old intern that he was sleeping with before meeting his wife. The intern claims they are still sleeping together, while the congressman says that he stopped when he met his wife but that the intern has been emotionally blackmailing him ever since. Of course this was just a ruse (especially since the congressman was telling the truth about the affair never happening) and the real kidnapper was the congressman’s mother who thought that his waning numbers could be boosted by a sympathy vote for his kidnapped wife. While the congressman didn’t approve (or know about) his mother’s plan, because it worked he’s still leaning on his mother for advice on what to do next.

It was a little disappointing to not have any of our main character’s getting time in the spotlight, but that sometimes happens on this show. Although we didn’t have any movement on our main stories, the case of the week was okay. Kidnapping cases are not always the most exciting. We did have some nice moments with Spencer working surveillance as we saw him stick his foot in his mouth, learn more about his background in languages and his affection for coffee (that’s one that we share with Spencer). We are excited at the possibility of Spencer meeting a love interest after asking out his surveillance partner for a coffee. Episode grade: C

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