‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 3 review: Did Will, the No Collar tribe make a mistake?

Will -Remember when Will Sims Jr. decided that it would be a good idea to go rogue? Well, the question on tonight’s “Survivor: Worlds Apart” episode was if that would come back to bite him. This was one of those rare episodes where the pre-challenge game was much better than the post-challenge, since it felt pretty obvious after this point that either Will or Nina would be going home at the end.

Let’s talk a little bit about what happened before that challenge. The Blue Collar tribe, for example, is completely insane. Rodney is an emotional wreck, Dan is trying too hard to be funny, and Mike is working everyone to the bone. Never a good idea. Meanwhile, Shirin seems to be driving everyone up the wall on the White Collar tribe, and Carolyn is watching with a smile on her face while everyone looks for the immunity idol. We really want to see Blue Collar go to tribal council eventually!

We really enjoyed a lot of the episode, but we also had a somewhat-bad taste in our mouth over Nina being voted out. She didn’t always make it easy on herself, but she’d probably be a much more loyal ally in the end than Will. She’d be grateful to stay in the game; he’s already shown to be a wild card, and we feel like keeping him could be a regret, much in the way that Will almost doomed himself by getting rid of Vince.

What was interesting to us is that seemingly, the three-person No Collar alliance of Nina, Joe, and Hali may not be that close. Two people voted for Will! Grade: B+.

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