‘Justified’ season 6, episode 9 review: Did Boyd get Avery’s money?

Boyd -Now that the trap has been set by Raylan on “Justified” Boyd is running towards it with open arms… or is he? Boyd has always been a man motivated by money and ten million dollars is the big score for him, but at the same time he’s always been an incredibly smart character and we would find it hard to believe that he doesn’t have a plan.

Raylan: Everyone’s convinced that Ava has flipped and that her testimony has been tainted, so they want to put another CI on Boyd and they are looking at Wynn Duffy. Raylan threatens to reveal that he was the rat that got Catherine’s husband killed and he becomes receptive to the idea of helping them.

Ava: She tells Boyd that Raylan knows about Boyd’s plan, and he’s okay with it because he still believes he’s one step ahead of Raylan. Wynn shows up at Boyd’s bar to start working over Boyd and tells him that Avery is moving the money during a party, but it seems a little too convenient that Wynn is offering up the information and we are a little surprised that Boyd took the bait.

Loretta: After Avery’s men come to her house to threaten her, so she goes to Boyd to offer him a deal: If he helps get her the remaining land that Avery wants then she will sell her crop for him. Raylan offers up his father’s land to Loretta, not knowing her plan and she’s happy to buy it off of him.

Avery’s party: Avery tries to convince everyone to sell their land to him at this Pizza Portal party, but Loretta makes another offer – to sell the land to her, and no one has to leave their homes, but she can grow plants on their land and keep Harlan in the hands of the community with Boyd’s protection… an offer everyone seems to want.

While Boyd excuses himself from the party to break into the vault, Raylan takes the opportunity to talk to Ava. She knows that he’s onto her and she tells him that the robbery is happening right now and that she was supposed to tell him that it’s happening next week… at this point Ava has told so many lies that we don’t know who she’s lying to anymore.

Raylan tells Avery that he’s getting robbed right now, saying that they need to get to the vault right away. What Raylan doesn’t know is that underneath the vault, Zachariah has chained Boyd to the wall right beside the dynamite in hopes that he will die and Ava will be free of all Crowder’s. Boyd is able to free himself right before the explosion, but it still hits him pretty badly. Without the money in hand, Raylan has no way to arrest Boyd. Ava learns that her uncle may be dead, that he tried to kill Boyd and that the money is still in the vault and while she’s not happy about any of it, Boyd is unhappy that he didn’t get the money and is back to not trusting Ava saying that she planned to kill him with her uncle.

Now that Boyd’s “blow up the vault” plan has fallen to pieces, we are dying to know what his next plan is once he regroups. This is easily one of the best seasons so far and it’s painful to know that it’s coming to an end. Episode grade: B+

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