‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 14 review: What happened to Noah?

The Walking DeadNow that everyone seems to be settling into Alexandria on “The Walking Dead” we are wondering how long it’s going to be until things go sideways. Nothing good ever lasts on this show and with two whole episodes of parties, spaghetti dinners and Carol’s cookies we know that tonight’s episode is going to snap everyone back into reality.

Noah wants to contribute to Alexandria and reveals that he’s there for the long haul as he wants to learn how to build walls and houses from Deanna’s husband who built the original walls. He’s happy to teach Noah and we see Noah starting to have some hope for his future… this can only end badly.

Eugene, Glenn, Noah and Tara head out with Deanna’s son to get supplies to reconstruct the town’s power grid (Yay another supply run – those never get old). While on the supply run we see that nothing has changed with Eugene and he’s still a coward – that is until Tara is hurt and needs his help. She is the inspiration he needs to be a hero as he blasts through walkers with her over his shoulder. We did lose Deanna’s son on the supply run to a zombie attack and we were fearful for another loss when our team got stuck in a revolving door, but Eugene comes by with a van blasting music to lure them away. It works for the most part, but we lost Noah in the most horrific way as Glenn watched his friend’s face literally pulled off of him.

Carol has found that she has a shadow now that she promised Sam cookies. He has turned into a cookie monster! He’s back for more cookies and she tells him that if he goes and steals two more chocolate bars (one for her and one for his cookies) then she will make more. Carol’s become the town cookie pusher. He returns with the chocolate and she agrees to make the cookies: He reveals that he broke his own owl statue and that when he gets mad he breaks stuff. He asks why she stole the guns and she says it’s important to protect yourself. He asks for a gun, saying that it’s for someone else, but when she asks who it’s for he runs off and Carol chases him to his house. She runs into Sam’s drunk, unhappy father and we start to worry that there’s a lot of darkness going on in that home, so Carol tells Rick her worries about Sam’s father hurting Jessie and Sam. She suggests that Rick kills him, that it’s the only way.

Gabriel is having some sort of battle with his conscious and goes to Deanna to tell her that Rick and his group are dangerous, liars and can’t be trusted. He says that they will come to destroy Alexandria – Deanna doesn’t seem to know if she should trust Gabriel or if he’s talking crazy, but Maggie over hears the whole conversation.

As soon as we saw Noah settling in and ready to grow roots in Alexandria at the beginning of the episode we knew he was done for. This show sometimes is a little predictable with their set ups – if they show someone having some hope then they usually die or have some terrible tragedy befall them. Episode grade: B

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