‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ rankings: Why Sierra Dawn Thomas, Kelly Remington lead Blue Collar tribe

Survivor -Even though there are technically six people on the Blue Collar tribe still on “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” we really feel like the editing has only really given us three: Dan, Mike, and the other four molded into one player with a similar outlook on things. This will change eventually, but it’s clear enough that these four are running the show, and if there is a tribal council coming, it’ll be hard for one of the underdogs to turn this around.

Like we said while discussing the White Collar tribe, our basis for these rankings is a combination of different things including strategy, challenge ability, social game, and edit (which is not as important as it used to be, since the show has gotten a little more clever).

6. Mike Holloway – It’s a little controversial putting Mike in dead last, but he seems to be annoying the tribe just as much as Dan is. Also, he is more of a threat down the line, whereas you probably don’t have to worry as much about Dan as you make it a little bit further into the game.

5. Dan Foley – Despite his early struggles, which may still be going on, Dan surprised us in showing that he is not a challenge liability despite his age and his weight. He did rather well for himself! The biggest thing that Dan needs to do at this point is just help to ensure that his tribe does not go to tribal council anytime soon. So long as that happens, we feel pretty confident that he is not going to be a target for a while.

4. Lindsey Cascaddan – If there is one weaker link among the women, it may be Lindsey due to the fact that she seems to be in greater conflict with the previous two guys than anyone else. Therefore, if they are able to actually swing a vote or get to a tribal swap, she could be one of the early targets.

3. Rodney Lavoie Jr. – We still have not figured out if Rodney is really that good of a player, or just the one guy on his tribe not irritating the women. He’s got a ways to go to prove himself, and he’s going to be a threat at a tribal swap.

2. Kelly Remington – We’re not entirely sure if Kelly is a great player, but she’s doing the right thing in falling in line for now. She is one of the few players over 40 this season that doesn’t stand out on her tribe, and that is to her credit.

1. Sierra Dawn Thomas – It’s really hard to rank the women on Blue Collar, since they are the players we’ve seen the least of so far. Sierra is leading the charge in that department, but based on what we’ve seen from her, we like. She did very well in this past challenge, and she seems to be a good presence at camp. She’s also a little older at 27 than some of the more immature contestants, but can still relate to them. She’s potentially in a good spot to last a long time.

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