‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ rankings: Tyler Fredrickson, Carolyn Rivera current White Collar leaders

Tyler -We’re starting to really get to know the contestants on “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” and to us, that means one thing: Getting the opportunity to rank the players! We’re not going to do the whole “overall rankings” yet like we did years ago, mostly because it’s pretty crazy to try to figure out how the structure of one tribe compares to another.

We’re instead going to give you our take on each tribe over the next few days, starting with the onetime hot mess that was the White Collar tribe. See what a week can do to change things? It felt a week ago like these people were doomed; now, they could stick around for a while without even having to go to tribal council.

Don’t worry: There are zero spoilers ahead! We’re ranking based mostly on strategy, edit, challenge ability (important at this stage), and overall social game.

5. Joaquin Souberbielle – We have to say that Joaquin had a pretty good week two. Why? We didn’t hear from him. If we don’t hear from you after learning that you were on the outs, that’s a good thing. Often, that means that you’re subtly working your way into a group. We’re not confident enough in him yet to move him ahead, but we feel like this group will manage to stick together for at least one more week.

4. Max Dawson – On paper, Max has everything. He’s smart, he’s in good shape, and he loves this game probably more than everyone. However, we’ve gotten the impression a couple of times that he wants to be a legendary player to such an extent that he is hurting himself in the process. You had the “homage” to Richard Hatch for one, which we feel is always going to unsettle your tribe. Based on some of his comments, we just worry if he is making it too clear that he is not only a player, but one who wants airtime. People get greedy for that.

3. Shirin Oskooi – Like with Max, we don’t love the whole “stripping down” bit, though we do get the sense that she is a very smart player who is going to find creative ways to stay alive in this game. We really have a hard time imagining anyone in this top three going home until at least a tribe swap, and they all have a good chance even then.

2. Carolyn Rivera – Interestingly, she is the only person right now who seems even close to having an immunity idol. She’s also been smart enough to know what to do about it, and even with an idol, she still isn’t being viewed as some enormous threat to take everyone out. Not a bad spot to be.

1. Tyler Fredrickson – We’ve been pretty impressed for the most part with Tyler’s game. While he was the swing vote during the first vote, everyone on the tribe seems to like him. He’s not doing anyone to alienate his tribe, he’s fairly strong in challenges, and he knows about Carolyn’s idol. Basically, he has most of the power of the group right now.

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