‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 17 review: Frank’s charity investigation; Erin’s big scare

“Blue Bloods” has been known at times to draw big reactions from us, and we definitely had that during tonight’s episode with the whole charity storyline. When Frank first heard that there was money being passed around to benefit family members and loved ones of the NYPD, he was moved. However, at the same time he had to investigate to ensure that they were legitimate, given that they had no license, and they were using the police logo.

Unfortunately, what he found out was not so pleasant, and it led to one particularly notable arrest. What made this so gut-wrenching was mostly that for once, we wanted to see the belief in something good outweigh all else. Maybe, there was a reason for Frank to not always expect the worst out of people. Unfortunately, that rarely happens in this world. He has to assume the worst so that others can look more for the good in people.

The other stories tonight definitely had their fair share of excitement and/or pain. For example, Eddie and Jamie were forced to track down the maker of a pipe bomb, especially when their only real asset was an elderly woman with poor memory who mistook Eddie for her niece Meg.

Meanwhile, Erin was forced to deal with her past when someone was breaking into her place and trying to get insider her head. This was a chance for her to team up with Danny, but probably not in the way that she’d like.

Overall, this was one of the best episodes of the show we’ve seen in a while. There was enough different to pique our interest, and enough familiar to remind us of what we originally enjoyed. Grade: B+.

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