‘Blacklist’ season 2, episode 15 review: Did Cooper lie for Liz?

Blacklist -Last week on “The Blacklist” we saw that none of our favorite characters are where they want to be: Reddington still doesn’t have the Falcrum, Liz still cares for Reddington even though she doesn’t want to, Tom is off in Germany on a new assignment when he really wants to be close to Liz and Cooper owes some nefarious favors to a man who helped get him into a cancer program. Seems that the only person doing all right is Ressler and he’s dealing with trying to stay sober!

Cooper has been subpoenaed in the case of the death of the harbor master and he tells Liz that he will not commit perjury to protect her and that it will be a huge problem if this case exposes the task force. The judge says that he will hear the details in private from Liz and he will then decide if this is a national security matter or if it should go to trial.

She tells the judge as much as she can revealing Reddington as the informant, how she came to be on the task force, his knowledge on her husband and the blacklist. After she tells her story, he pulls in Cooper to confirm her story. Did he lie to protect her? He did!

Reddington’s next name on the blacklist, The Major, is the person that can help get Liz out of this trouble – he is a man that mentors highly intelligent, criminal young minds into dangerous people… one of these people was Tom Keen. After finding the Major he demands the whereabouts of Tom Keen and after threatening him, the Major gives up Tom’s location.

There is one other obstacle Liz is facing: The detective that was investigating Liz now has the bullet and it is a match to Liz’s gun. The evidence is brought to the judge and things are looking bleak for Liz… Will she go to prison or will Tom come to her defense?

There wasn’t really a lot that was revealed on this episode – it was really just a clip episode to get everyone ready for next week’s big episode where Tom Keen is the name on Reddington’s blacklist. Episode grade: C

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