‘Suits’ season 4 finale review: Mike and Rachel’s big move; Harvey, Donna, and Louis drama

Suits -It’s been a little while since we saw Charles Forstman or Sean Cahill on “Suits” season 4, but in many ways, watching Wednesday night’s season finale was a flashback to that era. When it was revealed that Cahill did not have the capacity, even many months later, to completely take him down, much of this story became about a rush to figure this out.

Harvey looked at just about every avenue in an effort to ensure that Forstman was gone once and for all, and that included trying to swing things with Eric Woodall. The problem was that 12 years ago, a series of events happened that will haunt him involving him and his brother Marcus. Seeing the entire run of this season, leading eventually to Charles’ demise at the hands of Harvey, Cahill, and a wire, was something priceless. Hooray for Harvey!

Then, there was Donna. Her feelings for Harvey were complicated, and made even more so by his utter refusal to admit to having anything close to real feelings for her. The good news for her (even if it is also sad news) is that she could preoccupy herself by assisting Louis Litt, who was grieving the loss of his long-offscreen assistant Norma. We were reminded in here that what the two have is a friendship and nothing more, but what a sweet friendship it is. We’re overjoyed at this point that these two managed to get their friendship back together after all of the fighting a few weeks ago.

Then, the Donna shocker: She’s going to work for Louis. He appreciated her more than Harvey did, at least until it was too late for him to turn things around. She told Harvey the same thing that he told her last week, but we imagine that there was a different meaning behind it this time. She really, genuinely loves him. He just cannot figure out how to say it back.

This episode was actually rather light on the Mike and Rachel story, at least until near the very end. They’re engaged! This completely caught us off guard, but we were so happy to see that happen. It was time for the two to have some progress in their relationship, and not of the kind that ends in a breakup.

While there were times tonight we wish that this episode was either longer or took place over two weeks, there’s no question that it was still a great one. It ended with a big cliffhanger, and reminded us throughout why we love “Suits” so much. From the characters to the writing, and it may be one of TV’s most underrated dramas. Grade: A-.

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