‘Criminal Minds’ season 10, episode 17 review: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate reveals pregnancy to team

Criminal Minds -Tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds” is a special one, because not only is the focus going to be on the character of Kate (that we have loved getting to know), but they are also going to be introducing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s real-life pregnancy into the show.

Meg has wanted to get her belly button pierced, but since Kate and Chris said no, she decided to pierce it herself landing her in the hospital. Kate puts her on a tech time out along with a month long grounding and Meg’ss obviously upset, but it’s getting her ready for motherhood because Kate’s pregnant! She tells the office and everyone is crazy excited for her, but Meg is having a very hard time with this. Losing her parents was one thing, but now that Kate and Chris have become like parents to her, she is acting out in fear that the baby is going to replace her and no amount of reassurance from Kate is helping squash those fears.

The case tonight had some very loose connections to “Fifty Shades of Grey” – and we mean VERY loose. All of the victims had read a popular erotic novel called “Bare Reflections” all about a dominant male that starts up a relationship with an intimate relationship with a submissive. The killer has also read the book and is using it to pull in bored housewives that dream of being with a man like they have read about in the book – except this man is a killer and it’s nothing like the fantasy novel. Clearly someone on the “Criminal Minds” writing staff is a fan of “Fifty Shades of Grey” (or maybe not so much of a fan since it doesn’t really show this kind of fanfare in a positive light).

It’s always nice having a positive moment like Kate’s pregnancy infused into a show like “Criminal Minds”. This is a very dark series and it can sometimes get into your head with some of the cases. When we heard that actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was pregnant we weren’t sure if the series was going to incorporate her pregnancy into the show, but we are so happy they did! Episode grade: B+

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