‘Empire’ episode 9 review: What did Lucious do to Andre?

Empire -Tonight on “Empire,” Cookie meant business! Then again, when has she not meant business? Her attempt to keep a major client on board with Empire tonight was impressive … and this was not the only story involving keeping an artist with the label.

One of the business-related subjects that we found interesting in this episode is the current discussion about monetizing streaming content for artists. This is where having the legal power of a major label comes into play. While many artists now may be going more for that indie route, it does leave them at a disadvantage when it comes to having revenue left on the table.

Now, let’s talk Lucious and his big move: Sending Andre off to the institution with a 48-hour hold. Technically, he wouldn’t sign the papers, but it did happen. His struggles are becoming more and more of an obvious issue that needs to be addressed, and it is in a way one of Lucious’ biggest failures in not understanding when his own child needs help before it starts to get to an almost-violent point.

The future of Empire Entertainment is what is still at stake here, and after this episode, we still have almost no clue what’s going to happen. Jamal is a good candidate to rise up further, but his own father still judges him based on his sexuality. Meanwhile, Lucious is so distracted by his personal life with Anika, Cookie, and more that the man is not thinking clearly so much himself.

We do now have to comment on what is the weakest part of the show right now: The music. While well-produced, the show has to be careful that it doesn’t pigeonhole it into every single episode. We don’t want to see it get anywhere near “Glee” territory just yet.

Admittedly, we’re still so shocked by that ending that it is hard to think about the entire episode as a whole. It was a very good one, and we can say that much with some confidence. Grade: B.

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