‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 3 preview: Will Mike Holloway work his tribe too hard?

Mike -Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen Mike and Dan establish themselves on the outside looking on “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” The great news is that these two guys really are interested in working hard. However, the bad news is that nobody else on the tribe seems to be.

Sometimes in this game, you need to figure out whether or not some other people on your tribe share your viewpoint, and when it comes to the Blue Collar group, Mike and Dan aren’t figuring that out. The best thing that they can really hope for at the moment is that they continue to win, and then these two guys can make it to the point where they can potentially jump ship to another alliance.

It’s with that in mind that we would start to consider something if we were this tribe: There could be a benefit in throwing a challenge. Yes, Jeff Probst and some other people would yell at us for saying that, but if you know that someone like Dan is going to flip on you at a tribe swap, why not try to eliminate that variable? Of course, you only do this if you are absolutely sure that you are safe. Otherwise, you will look like a giant idiot on national TV.

Elsewhere, we still continue to expect chaos. While the White Collar tribe seems to be working better, confusion is the name of the game on No Collar, and clearly, Nina is now on the outs.

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