‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 13 review: Jason and Nicole fight, will they be friends again?

Jason real worldLast time on “The Real World: Skeleton” we were left with a fairly big cliffhanger as we saw what might be the demise of the wolf pack. Nicole was charging up the stairs to get ito a fight with Jason who was yelling at the top of his lungs about Nicole not supporting him.

Nicole and Jason: The fight between Nicole and Jason got really ugly and we never thought that Jason would get physical and put his hands on Nicole, but he pushed her leaving Nicole feeling completely betrayed – more emotionally hurt then physically hurt. It was very surprising to see Jason act that way since he has always been the rock of the house with the cool head.

Jason wants to apologize for the situation, but Nicole refuses to listen to what he has to say – the friendship is over for her. Producers decide to send in a therapist for the group, but Nicole doesn’t want to attend. Nicole overhears the group therapy as Jason talks about how much he cares for her and how much he regrets what he did, and it sends her into tears.

Nicole later decides to talk to Jason telling him that she had never been hurt like that in her life, feeling pain that she never felt before and that she cannot forgive him for it. She says that she can’t promise that they will ever talk again, but at least things are left with all cards on the table from both sides. Later the roommates all go out for their last night and Jason and Nicole hugged, but she reminded him that she’s still mad at him. When she leaves the house to head home – she doesn’t say good bye to Jason.

Jason is still feeling bad about this situation as he posted a message on his Twitter account saying: “No one deserves that and I apologize to all my roommates and all Real World Fans”. A longer message from Jason suggests that these two may still not be talking.

Jason: He is the last to face his skeleton and it couldn’t have come at a better time. He’s a new father, he’s just had a horrible fall out with Nicole and now his skeleton is here: His own father. We are sure this wasn’t much of a surprise since he’s talked about how his father abandoned him and he’s wanted some sort of answers from him. Jason broke into a million pieces while his father just stood there and watched. His father asks for forgiveness and Jason says he does, and his father invites him to come to a family reunion and meet his siblings.

The situation with Jason and Nicole really broke our hearts. These two had such a deep friendship and it was heartbreaking to see how hurt Nicole was by Jason’s actions. This has easily been the hardest thing to watch this season. We have a soft spot for Nicole… we are really going to miss this whole cast. Episode grade: A-

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