‘Rizzoli & Isles’ season 5, episode 16 review: Maura, an impostor, and remembering Frost

Rizzoli -We have had a major focus on Angela over the past few episodes of “Rizzoli & Isles” and to be honest, as much as we like her, we were ready for the spotlight to shine on someone else… like Maura or Jane.

The name of the game tonight is catalogs! Maura is getting tons of them sent to the house even though she’s on a no junk mail list and it’s all thanks to Angela. Also Maura had a pair of shoes delivered to her name in the mail (in the wrong size) and Jane thinks that it’s a plan to get Maura in the store to return them so that she will already be there to buy more shoes!

When Maura gets to the store to return the shoes, she finds out that someone is impersonating her and has a bunch of clothes and shoes under her name waiting for pick up. Instead of telling the saleswoman that she is the real Dr. Isles, she starts shopping. A fashion addict right to the end! Maura becomes fascinated by her impostor and wonders why this woman wants to be her. Maura learns that she made a reservation at a restaurant and decides to go to this restaurant and learn more about her.

Angela comes with Maura to the restaurant and they see that the woman is beautiful, charming and wearing couture. Maura says that she is living the life that Maura’s always wanted to live: wearing the clothes she wants and eating at the restaurants she wants. When a man has a heart attack and Maura jumps up saying she’s a doctor (and her name) her impostor takes off, but not before Angela snaps a few pictures helping capture her.

As much as we like Angela, we were happy to move away from her storyline and get the focus back on Maura and Jane. This was a really fun episode and it’s been a long time since we’ve had a Maura-centric episode and we hope for more. Also, we absolutely loved the nod to Frost in this episode with the transformer on Jane’s desk- he’s never forgotten.  Episode grade: A-

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