‘House of Lies’ season 4, episode 7 review: Marty and Jeannie find a common enemy

The latest -For most of Sunday night’s new episode of “House of Lies,” it looked as though it was going to be impossible for Marty and Jeannie to get on the same page. He was continuing along his path of being the most awful person imaginable, and she was more or less just along for the ride.

Well, tonight turned the tables in a big way, starting with the reminder here that since Jeannie owns half of the shares in Kaan & Associates, and she is not a convicted felon like Don Cheadle’s character, she is really the one who holds the majority of the power in their relationship. Ultimately, these are things that helped to open Marty’s eyes, as did a lengthy talk with her.

In the end, though, the best thing for these characters is merely that they figured out a way in which to have a common enemy. Specific, we are talking here about Ellis Hightower. The entire group thought that they were getting paid the big bucks for meeting that threshold last week, but the problem here was that Ellis had zero interest in going through with that. Why would he? He is the guy with the power, and he knows that they do have the money in order to fight him.

This united these two characters, and in the night’s best moment, Jeannie went completely ballistic when she saw that Monica was now working with Ellis. Does this change anything? Not exactly, but it does make for a moment worth talking about.

On a different note, who else found it rather hilarious that Doug managed to get the current woman of Clyde’s infatuation tonight without even trying? Well, the funny thing here is that it is probably not going to work out for him, either. He’s a far more emotional guy. Grade: B.

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