‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 13 review: Daryl, Aaron, a horse and spaghetti

Walking DeadNow that our group has settled into their homes and jobs in Alexandria on “The Walking Dead” are they going to let their guard down and become vulnerable to the other people living in the town? Rick has said that if they feel the others turning on them that they will just over throw them and take over the community, but we worry that they really don’t understand how this town works yet. It can’t be as great as it seems.

The mayor is a little worried about Sasha, especially when she starts pushing to be the main look out in the watch tower. She agrees to let Sasha do it, but only after she and the whole group come to a town welcome party in their honor. She is hoping that Sasha will let her guard down and start to become more social, but Sasha is too far gone right now to let that in after everything that has happened to her.

The party is interesting – it’s very proper, and feels like a suburb party complete with wine and snacks. It was a trip seeing Rosita and Abraham in preppy clothes and Michonne in a dress. We see a little romantic drama coming in for Rick as he seems to be falling for another mans wife and it’s not going to be a good situation.

During the party Carol slips away to the gun storage and starts stealing hand guns, but one of the children follows her. She tries bribing the child with cookies, but when that doesn’t work she threatens to tie the kid to a tree outside the walls if he ever tells. This was easily the best scene of the episode, we felt threatened by Carol sitting in our living rooms.

Aaron tries to bond with Daryl by meeting up with him in the woods and trying to capture a wild horse. Although they never capture the horse (it gets eaten by walkers), the bonding trick seemed to have worked a bit, especially after they have to put the horse down. Although Aaron tries to get him to go to the party, Daryl can’t bring himself to go… but he can go have dinner with Aaron and his boyfriend. After watching Daryl eat spaghetti like a 5 year old, Aaron shows him the garage and in there are piles of motorcycle parts. Aaron tells him that he needs a bike because he wants him to be a recruiter with him and surprisingly Daryl says yes.

There has been chatter on the internet that this may be leading towards Daryl coming out as gay, but we haven’t seen any evidence to support that from this episode. Dinner and a common interest in motorcycles doesn’t make us think much else is going on outside of friendship. The hardest part of the episode for us was watching Aaron and Daryl have to put that horse down after the walker attack. Completely broke our hearts. Episode grade: B+

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