‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’ spoilers: Chris Harrison defends editing; Kelsey Poe chimes in

Kelsey -Monday night is either one of your favorite “Bachelor” episodes of the entire season, or one that you prefer to skip in the “Women Tell All” special. Let’s be honest here: There is no real reason to actually watch this show if you’re interested mostly in figuring out who Chris Soules picks in the end. Even their answers about who he should pick are disingenuous, since the majority of them probably know.

One question that is very interesting right now is one that we always wonder: How fair is the editing process, really? It feels like every season needs a villain or at least one somewhat-crazy contestants, and this time around we had that with Kelsey Poe and Ashley Salter. Speaking to USA Today at the taping, Kelsey made it clear that there was only so much that she was even contractually allowed to say about the treatment that she received:

“It’s a very difficult question to answer because of … my contract. I can say that there were some things that were said that should have had a framework around it … I was blindsided. I had no idea that that characterization on episode five would come across that way. I knew there would be a lot of drama around it, but I had no idea the narration would vilify me.”

While it may be true that Kelsey said every word she is quoted as saying on the show, there is one thing that we should make rather clear: Just because these were her words does not necessarily mean that they were said in the same context. That is very important when you are discussing things in interviews.

Chris Harrison sort-of-defended the editing practices to the same publication, but also submitted that sometimes it is not easy to say whether or not someone had the right edit:

“We just show what they’ve done. Look, one of the things I’ve learned in 13 years is it’s not black and white. It’s easy to say, ‘Oh Kelsey’s crazy,’ but there’s a reason people are the way they are. I’m fascinated by it.”

We just wish that there was some more focus on just what some of these layers are. You can make Kelsey a villain still without throwing in random soundbytes of her that are completely out of context. We are rather interested to see how she comes across Monday.

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