‘Arrow’ season 3, episode 16 video: Extended look at Oliver, Ra’s al Ghul in ‘The Offer’

Arrow -Just in case you needed some further validation that Ra’s al Ghul is different than any other foe Oliver Queen has faced before, you had it at the end of “Nanda Parbat,” when the character told our hero that rather than trying to kill him, he wanted Oliver to become him. What does this mean? It holds a variety of different ramifications, but come the March 18 episode of “Arrow” entitled “The Offer,” this may at least be something he considers.

The warning that Ra’s gives Oliver is ominous, but it may be true: By the end of this season, everyone may start to turn against him. He has already made a series of unpopular decisions so far this season, beginning with him going to that mountaintop and also then deciding that he would travel to another part of the world, seemingly so that Thea would not have to live with the guilt of sending her father Malcolm Merlyn to death. It ended up being more than that, but even still, many did not like it.

One group that may turn against Oliver rather quickly on the Arrow, at least more so than Oliver Queen in particular, is the Starling City police force. Quentin Lance is currently avoiding his daughter Laurel, and by association, is probably going to disavow anything that she does as the Black Canary. Don’t be surprised if he eventually starts to blame the other vigilantes for hiding the truth about Sara, and going on a crusade to have them arrested. He’s an emotional man, and it may take him a while to sift through his grief. (That is, if Sara is actually dead; this spin-off has us confused!)

Of course, there are also plenty of other villains for Oliver to contend with; you will see a new one of those in “The Offer,” as well.

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