‘The Voice UK’ review: Stevie McCrorie, Karl Loxly, Lucy O’Byrne begin Battle Rounds

Voice -The Voice UK” returned this weekend with its first of the battle rounds, and they wasted almost no time really diving into them. There were a heck of a lot of Battles in here! There is a ton to keep track of in this episode, but the silver lining we presume here is that this means that we get through the worst stage of the competition quickly. Granted, we’d also prefer to have less in the way of blind auditions, that way we could have more live shows.

Take a look below at some of our quick takes from this part of the competition.

Newtion Matthews vs. Joyfull Soundz – The first battle of the season for Team Will, but not entirely a memorable one. Both parties did bring a few things vocally to the table, and also proved to be the first steal of the season. Newtion advanced, and Joyfull Soundz (who really need to get rid of the corny spelling) was stolen by Tom.

Jade Hewitt vs. Christina Matovu – This was a strange one for Ricky Wilson. We actually thought that Jade performed “Love Runs Out” better, but she was incredibly emotional and doubting herself before the performance. At a certain point, you have to wonder if this lack of confidence is good in the long-term. Christina wins.

Joe Woolford vs. Ryan Green – Another battle that was fairly solid, and netted a steal! Honestly, these two guys sounded so similar at times during “I Won’t Give Up,” it was somewhat difficult to tell them apart. Still, Joe won for Team Rita, and Will stole Ryan.

Brooklyn vs. Rozzy – We saw this one coming on Will’s team a mile away. He loves Brooklyn’s versatility, and while Rozzy may have a better singing voice, he probably felt that there was less he could do with her. We like them both, so it’s sad to see Rozzy go. Will picks Brooklyn.

Rosa Iamele vs. Claudia Rose Long – Tom Jones paired off two young singers with big voices, and we don’t blame him for choosing Rosa. However, we do blame him for putting himself in the position where he had to lose one of them. Rosa won, and Claudia was stolen by Ricky.

Hannah Symons vs. Shellyann – Ricky Wilson brought out a pair of ladies who each moved him in different ways. Hannah managed to win, mostly because of how he was still hung up over his blind audition.At least Shellyann was stolen by Rita!

Olivia Lawson vs. Clark Comody – This one was pretty obvious the moment that Rita called Olivia “porcelain” a la Sue on “Glee,” like she seemingly forgot Olivia’s name. Also, “Everytime” was a bizarre song choice that didn’t quite work. Still, Clark advances, and Olivia joins Team Ricky.

Roison Geraghty vs. Sharon Murphy – What’s this? A battle without a steal involved in it? Well, Sharon just killed it, and was Tom’s pick.

Morven Brown vs. Mitch Miller – This battle was incredibly short. So short, we barely even got a sense of who was performing in it. Mitch won for Rita, and she was clearly upset that no one stole her other opponent.

Howard Rose vs. Stephanie Webber – It was almost like the show tried to throw us off in the pre-package, showing Stephanie and Tom Jones chatting relentlessly about Wales. However, he ended up choosing Howard.

Stevie McCrorie vs. Tim Arnold – This one was somewhat obvious. Stevie got a ton of attention for his blind audition, and this continues. Stevie stays!

Karl Loxly vs. Lucy O’Byrne – You knew that this was going to end like this, right? Karl lost, but was stolen by Tom.

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