‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 5, episode 18 review: Are Chin and Danny going to jail?

Hawaii -Have you been wondering what’s been happening with Joe White since he’s been sent into quarantine on “Hawaii Five-0”? Well you are not alone and tonight we are going to catch up with him and maybe get some more answers concerning Steve’s mom’s whereabouts.

More then just Joe, we are also going to see what’s happening with the story concerning Danny’s brother, because even though he’s dead, it’s not over yet. Chin borrowed the 5 million (from his brother in law) that Danny needed to pay Marco to get his brother back. Also Danny killed Marco after learning that his brother was already dead… an action that is coming back to bite him.

Joe seems to be out of Qquarantine because when we catch up with him he is flying down a highway on his cell phone warning Steve to get to Danny and move him somewhere safe. As it turns out, CIA is arresting Danny for murder. Not only is Danny getting arrested, but so is Chin for his involvement in the mess with Matt.

So why does the CIA want justice for someone like Marco? Turns out he was an informant for the CIA and they are upset that he’s been killed before he was able to lead them to a shipment of drugs. so Danny and Chin are going down for it. We are a little surprised that Steve wasn’t also brought down since he watched Danny kill Marco, but it is revealed that Steve’s mother is behind him not being arrested and she is also helping with this case through Joe.

Danny decides to sign a waiver that will send him to Columbia to face his charges (and also a massive beating from the inmates and the guards), and not even Steve telling the CIA that he was there when Marco was killed is enough to stop it. Steve says he knows where the missing shipment of drugs is that the CIA was tracking through Marco and asks to exchange that information for Danny. After handing information to the CIA agent (and exposing one of the agents as being shady), Danny is released and in exchange Steve will not release what he has on the CIA agent and he has to resign.

Also Chin’s brother in law who gave him the money, is ready to testify against Chin to send him to jail, but really what he wanted was a chance to escape and he found that chance after stabbing his guard in the eye. Without his brother in law around, Chin is also released because there’s no case.

This was a really great episode – we always love episodes where the focus is on our main cast. Chin doesn’t ever get enough screen time as far as we are concerned, so it was nice to see him in the spotlight. Also a guest appearance from Robert Knepper always makes us happy. Episode grade: A –

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