‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Myself Belts, Titin, SingTrix, Grace & Lace, BeardBrand

Shark Tank -We’ve been spoiled as of late with a hefty dose of “Shark Tank,” but unfortunately, it turns out there is not a new episode airing on ABC tonight. Boo to that! While you may be sad about that, we’ve still come up with a way to keep you involved and thinking about the products featured tonight: Tiny updates!

We’ve scoured the internet for you to check up on some of the businesses that are featured in tonight’s episode. While we cannot give you specifics like in those update segments, we can at least give you a general impression about how each business is generally doing. (Click here to read our original review for this episode.)

Titin – We still know absolutely nothing about training and this field. Still, it is rather easy to determine that Titin is doing all right. They are introducing new ideas, and there is a specialty market out there for those who wanted weighted gear.

BeardBrand – They seem to be chugging along. While some products are currently sold out, it does seem like they have by and large a wide array by and large. Also, great social media presence.

SingTrix – We still think it’s a fun idea for people wanting to actually sound good while doing karaoke. The problem remains the same: They are still selling for a crazy price. We may pay $50 for something like this, but not $350.

Myself Belts – The due diligence with Daymond John clearly went through, since he is still tweeting about them. We’re not even remotely the market for children’s belts, so we cannot tell you how well they are selling. Still, it’s probably a smart purchase.

Grace and Lace – They are having their update segment coming back on the show tonight, and they are clearly still doing well. By far, we’d say that they are in the best position out of these five products post-“Shark Tank.”

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