‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 14 review: What does Tom Keen want with Liz?

The Blacklist Tom KeenHave you been wanting more Tom on “The Blacklist”? So have we, and we are finally having our wishes come true. He is back tonight, but in what capacity and will he see Liz?

Although Tom’s been offered a new assignment, he wants to go back to work on Liz (kinda late for that Tom). Does he actually want to work her over of is he in love with her? These are the questions of his employer (ans us too). Tom calls Liz saying that he’s going away from a while on another assignment and she tells him that she’s in a lot of trouble because of him. She tells him she’s going under cover for a bit and he offers her some advice before hanging up and we love seeing these two banter. While Liz is off being undercover, Tom gets ready for his next gig and it includes shaving his beautiful hair off and getting some pretty serious tattoos (also he’s started smoking.) Will Tom’s new gig in Germany connect to Liz again in some way or are we going to have a new show that’s all about Tom globetrotting the world making people miserable?

We were a little surprised to see Liz chomping at the bit to go under cover and risk her life to help a kidnapped Reddington. We know that once upon a time she would’ve done pretty much anything for him when she thought that he cared for her, but after the truth came out with the Falcrum we aren’t sure why she would be risking her neck for him since she’s made it pretty clear she’s done having any kind of personal relationship any more. After saving Reddinton’s life she admits that she really cares about him and that she can’t just turn it off.

It seems that the trial Cooper is part of is really helping and that he may be getting better, but every favor comes with a price and it seems that his “friend” is going to be calling that favor in…. and when he does, Cooper does it. Will there be more favors and will Cooper be indebted to him for life?

We may be the only people who feel this way, but there’s this part of us that want Tom and Liz to be together. Crazy right? There’s just such a heavy chemistry between them and we don’t want to buy into the idea that Tom spent so many years being Liz’s husband and never developed any feelings for her. Is he really that evil? Episode grade: A-

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