‘How to Get Away with Murder’ finale review: Who killed Lila Stangard, and who died next?

Keating -For many weeks (even months), we’ve wondered whether or not we were ever going to the answer to what we just referenced in the title. “How to Get Away with Murder” has been certainly insane, and over the course of Thursday night’s season finale, it started to appear as though someone actually did get away with murder for a change.

So who was it? The answer, spoiler alert, is none other than Frank. This entire time, he’s been a hired gun for Sam to do some of his dirty work. It does turn out that he ordered the hit on Lila Stangard’s life, but at the same time, he wasn’t the one who strangled her and dumped her body. That was Frank, who has been a vault ever since.

Of course, what makes this reveal so interesting is that nobody seems to be even remotely aware that Frank has this in him, and he is leaving this season relatively free of suspicion. Of course, Annalise does have her suspicion about another murder at the very end of the finale: Rebecca. She was killed, and there are definitely many reasons to want her out of the picture. She knows enough to destroy Wes or any other one of Annalise’s students courtesy of what happens to Sam. She was also held hostage, which we tend to think of as a pretty good motivator for someone wanting to flee and sell people out to the police.

We feel like Frank is the likely murder of Rebecca based on the conversation between him and Annalise, but that is far from confirmed. These people are dropping like flies!

While we know that there was more in this episode beyond this story, including an HIV diagnosis, it is fairly tough at the moment to focus on anything else. for now, let’s just say that this was certainly a crazy hour of TV. Grade: B+.

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