‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ premiere preview: Four things to remember, promos, and more

Worlds Apart -Wednesday night, “Survivor” is back! How can you not be excited about “Worlds Apart” given the crazy hype surrounding it? We’re probably as excited to cover this as you are to watch it over the next three months.

We’ve enclosed below what are a list of healthy reminders, just in case you haven’t read up on the show since the cast reveal earlier this year or missed potentially a thing or two along the way. We probably don’t need to emphasize the tribe designations again, given that the promos (including the ones below) beat that theme to death.

Here are four quick things to expect moving into the season premiere:

1. There will be an opening twist. It’s been widely circulated at this point now that something similar to “Survivor: Cagayan” is happening at the start of the game, where the three tribes are going to have to choose people to seemingly arrive at camp early and be tempted, probably with an immunity idol clue. The difference? This time, two people will be sent rather than one.

2. There’s no Redemption Island. Cheers to that! When you’re done in the game, you’re done.

3. There is another twist that is coming at some point later in the game, at least per a Jeff Probst interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. However, nobody is saying what it will be just yet.

4. What both we and the players must remember during the early weeks is that this twist is probably only going to last for around four tribal councils. Therefore, making moves to win challenges probably is not as important as making sure to have strong alliances. As long as you don’t lose every challenge, you have a shot. Remember how Malcolm and Denise fared on “Philippines,” and while Tasha and Spencer failed to reach the finale of “Cagayan,” they and Kass got very close.

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