‘Better Call Saul’ episode 4 review: Jimmy McGill, self-made billboard hero

Better Call Saul season 1Just in case you’ve been waiting for “Better Call Saul” to have a breakout scene, we feel like we had it tonight during “Hero.” It was something so completely ridiculous that only Saul Goodman / Jimmy McGill could have come up with it, and by the end of it, we were grinning from ear to ear.

Of course, we are speaking here about Jimmy’s brilliant billboard plan. In his latest effort to stick it to Chuck’s firm, he first and foremost ripped off their entire billboard design for his own personal gain. He had to assume that he’d get a cease-and-desist letter about it, and he did. Maybe he thought that he was going to be able to talk his way out of it, but nothing worked out quite as easily as he hoped.

We wonder now if his entire plan to save a man dangling off the side of a billboard was a last resort, or something he came up with at the last minute. Either way, he created such a publicity stunt by making himself out to be a hero, and he got plenty of clients as a result. Also, he knew that Chuck was not going to know about what he did, since he did not have the means or the technology to read up on it.

Unfortunately for Saul, he underestimated his brother and his space blanket, who realized that there was a newspaper out there at a neighbor’s, and he ran out to get that. Therefore, he knows the truth about Saul’s heroics, and he will not be pleased.

You had a flashback at the start about the origin of Saul’s name, and this episode was the origin of the persona. It was rather simplistic in its storytelling, but when you had so many good scenes, we don’t quite mind. By far, our favorite episode of the series so far. Grade: A.

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Photo: AMC

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