‘Better Call Saul’ episode 4 preview: Saul puts Nacho in his place

Better Call Saul season 1While we’re not entirely sure that “Better Call Saul” has achieved the level of greatness established in the early seasons of “Breaking Bad” so far, it has done a pretty tremendous job proving its concept to us of giving us what is basically a proof-of-concept. The show works! Jimmy McGill is a capable, interesting lead, and we are enjoying watching some various adventures / misadventures.

Going into Monday night’s new episode of the AMC series, one of his primary goals at the moment seems to be putting the brakes on Nacho, at least to a certain extent. This is a guy who is angry, and clamoring over and over again that Jimmy is at fault for him being in hot water. However, the lawyer smartly turns it around on him in the attached sneak peek, reminding him basically that without his presence, and his warning the Kettlemans over what was coming, there is zero chance that Nacho would be a free man. He chastises him for many things, with sloppiness being at the top of the list.

Eventually, we’re sure that Nacho will start to see things his way. After all, there is no other option the guy really has at the moment if he wants to still achieve at least some of his goals, without having possible informants to the police out there. Attorney / client privilege may be a thing, but Jimmy, while well-intentioned, does not always follow the letter of the law.

Stay tuned, as we’re going to have more than just a review of “Better Call Saul” Monday night. We’re also going to have the latest podcast with Jason Prager!

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Photo: AMC

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